Winstrol knee pain

I got an Cortisone injection yesterday morning and last night I went on a rampage at my family over dinner!  I am not proud of it and am very upset with my anger.  I have always kept my anger in check over the little things but last night I went nuts!  I will never get another shot again!  My husband had to use force to pull me away from our 13 year old son who suffers from depression and anxiety because I was trying to hit him for being well a teenager!  My family is not speaking to me today and that is probably for the best because my mood is still really foul.  How long am I going to feel like this because I can't live like this.  Why don't doctors warn you of the side effects?  If I had known this was a possible risk I would of never agreed to the shot I would rather be in agony than feel this anger and uncontrollability!

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Winstrol knee pain

winstrol knee pain


winstrol knee painwinstrol knee pain