Trenbolone recipe

This is currently being reevaluated because many users report almost the same gains taking the compound orally as they do with DMSO. Fat loss seems to extremely pronounced when doing oral administration. Many users shy away from using DMSO because of the garlic-type smell they encounter on their bodies and on their breath a short time after using the product. There is a new item out called Phlojel, which acts much like DMSO minus the stink. This should eventually increase in popularity, and my guess is that DMSO will take a back seat to Phlojel.

Bill, PLEASE stop the ridiculous generalizations. You are only demonstrating how much you don’t know, and wasting people’s time. “No one’s eating ‘whole’ wheat”. Absolute demonstrable nonsense. Many people ARE eating whole wheat products. Many people make their own bread, even grind their own wheat, even make it with older forms of wheat, and other whole grains. I used to make my own bread with organic whole-grain flour. “Their (sic) not God”. Nor are you. There is no way you can possibly know what “everyone” or “no one” is doing. There are actually numerous studies that show that eating whole grains in moderation is beneficial. Whole grains (excepting modern standard hybrid wheat) are REAL Paleo, as science shows that humans have eaten grains, and, yes, ground it to flour, for more than 30,000 years. But Paleo man used grains like any other plant food resource – as a small, seasonal part of a varied diet. BTW, I will say it again. Anyone that wants a citation on a specific scientific claim I have made, please let me know. I will be happy to post one or more. But, with literally thousands of original source references I have looked at over the years, and continue to read, I cannot post them all. Nor am I intending to do an anthropology or physiology tutorial here. This is Chris Kresser’s blog, and not “Burke’s Introduction to Evolutionary Biology 101”. Commenters can check out the numerous references Chris provides, or they can Google specific topics in which they are interested. If their interest is genuine.

Trenbolone recipe

trenbolone recipe


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