Tren hex 100 dosage

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I have used many of their products. My favorite are the following Balkan Test Enanthate, Tren, Nandrolone, And D-bol. I like to kickstart my fall and winter cycles with D-bol. I have had 3 knee surgeries so I use Decca like a staple. Their Tren is always awesome! I've used other's and I can say for a fact, I can tell the difference in their trenbolone! I've also used Winstrol and prefer the aqua, it's so smooth. I keep several ancillaries on hand. clomed, nolvadex, anastrozole and tomoxifene. HCG
I have had blood work check and I know for a fact that these compounds work excellent!

I've been ordering this product from IPS for the past 2 years. They are one of the only sources that carries Testosterone Undecanoate. If you're not familiar with this ester, it's one of the largest one available. I've learned that by adding 250mg/wk of Testosterone Undecanoate to an existing cycle, it keeps my bloods stable which means better gains and overall mood. Also, I can pin Sustanon every 3 days without issue. There is zero PIP with this product. Very light oil which mixes great with a thicker, high concentration Sustanon product I use in conjunction with Testosterone Undecanoate.

Tren hex 100 dosage

tren hex 100 dosage


tren hex 100 dosagetren hex 100 dosagetren hex 100 dosagetren hex 100 dosagetren hex 100 dosage