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Hey,,I think that what he is feeling is a lump from the testosterone injection. I know, I've been receiving them, and now give them to myself for a few years now after I was diagnosed with Spinal Arachadontis. The nurse probably thought it was like any other type of medication, which u can push in real fast,but with Testosterone Cypionate with it being so thick and slow to even pull into the syring, it has to be pushed in at a very slow rate or u will receive a nice size lump,that makes u feel so sore to wear if u walk it will make u limp, and it hurts to sit, its so thick that it should've been messaged immediately afterwards, or take a hot shower and as bad as it hurts rub it in a circular motion so it can go wear it needs to go in the fat cells. These damn nurses think that doing everything fast as possible is a great thing, but not when it comes to something that I'm deff sure she doesn't inject to someone everyday, or even every week for that matter! A little bit of advise, if you can do it to urself, without having a problem with a needle? I asked my doctor after several times of this samething, it will go away in a cple days,still a lil sore,then it will take its course and the lump[bruise]will go completely away, I promise! Trust me,,I know it sucks,and u can probably bearly walk, or lay down only on the other side wear she gave u the injection! Anyway, just pull ur doctor aside, try to not embarass his nurse,or her nurse, they will appreciate you doing that. Just tell them u have a personal ? for he or she! Just tell ur doctor what happened,,and just say if u wouldn't mind will u please let me inject my own shots to myself? They shouldn't have a problem with it. My doctor writes my script out for my Testosterone Cypionate, I give myself a shot 1 time every 2 weeks. There's a few places in ur body that is good for testosterone injections. So, just ask ur doctor if they wouldn't mind showing u all the diffrent area's, and just do it urself there for u NEVER GO THRU THIS AGAIN!! Seriously,,no big deal!! I'm 38 years old now, and been giving myself my own shots since 2008. They write you a script for the write needles, and dispsal for ur needles, and they will give u the alchol wipes,,the whole nine. So,,if I was u that's what id ask my doctor about 1st thing, unless u like going thru this,,cuz trust me,,it will happen again by another nurse!! Anyway,,I hope this helps,,don't worry it will go away shortly!! Sucks,,I know!! Anyway,,good luck to u

Been using the winny tabs by Balkan so far Best I have had since the old British dragon ones back in the day good winny cramps , just started sustamed to early to tell, parabolan im not sure because I was on tren ace and its only been 2 weeks so to early still oince ace is out of my system im sure ill be able to tell what ive always noticed back in the old days when i took negma para was that it felt alot cleaner not as much stink thru the sweat so im excited to get results on this para running 600mg of para a week im coming back off of a 7 year lay off im 47 , once i got back in gym im like what the heck was i thinking taking all this time off 75mg winny tabs a day , 600 mg deca week , 500mg sustamed a week and nolvadex everyday 20mg have to take nolva or it gets out of control i need surgery ultimately for my Gyno

Day 29: New diagnostic kits developed to detect rare and neglected infectious diseases
Day 29: Zydus receives final approval from the USFDA for Candesartan Cilexetil and Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets
Day 27: Zydus receives final approval from the USFDA for Topiramate Extended-Release Capsules
Day 24: Zydus receives approval from the USFDA for Minocycline Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets
Day 23: Zydus receives tentative approval from the USFDA for Tadalafil Tablets USP
Day 20: Zydus’ oral anemia developmental candidate, ZYAN1 named as Desidustat by WHO
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Testoviron 250

testoviron 250


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