Testosterone for women dosage

We’re far from demonstrating any of these potential solutions in a clinical sense. The results are promising, but, “mice aren’t humans,” Brown emphasized. “There are limitations to these kinds of studies.” Brown is hopeful other drug companies or clinical institutions will take up this research and pursue it for humans. For now, Brown is trying to figure out how to get IL-33 produced naturally in females without testosterone, as well as how IL-33 might help males who experience more severe MS complications later in life. That might be what it takes to understand not only the biochemical pathways better but also the path towards a potential cure.

Women suffering from testosterone deficiency can benefit from choosing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Since bio-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones a woman’s body naturally produces, hormones can be properly used and naturally metabolized and excreted by the body. When compared to traditional hormone replacement therapy, BHRT offers a much lower risk of side effects. BHRT is tailor made to meet each woman’s specific needs, ensuring that hormone levels are increased safely to prevent negative side effects. Women who are aging or who have undergone a hysterectomy or oophorectomy are at risk for declining testosterone levels. Aging women who experience low libido, poor concentration, symptoms of menopause, or other symptoms related to low levels of testosterone can benefit from testosterone therapy. 10 Choosing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can benefit women by reducing the symptoms of menopause, preventing osteoporosis, protecting the heart, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving overall quality of life. 11   For more information contact us at to take the hormone health test, and find out where your nearest office is.

If you suspect high testosterone, talk to your health care provider, who can perform a physical examination and laboratory tests, depending on your symptoms, for confirmation.

A woman with high testosterone may choose to treat the symptoms alone (like using an anti-acne medication or a serum to boost hair growth). There are also medical treatments—depending on the cause of the excess androgen production— which include surgery, or oral contraceptives alone or in combination with antiandrogens, or other combinations of hormone therapy .

Testosterone for women dosage

testosterone for women dosage


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