Test prop shut you down

In order to reduce uncertainty and avoid unnecessary arrests, SB 420 established "limits" or guidelines as to how much marijuana patients and their caregivers could grow and possess. The state default SB 420 guidelines are 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants per patient, and 8 ounces of dried marijuana bud or equivalent. By state law, individual counties and cities are allowed to set higher but not lower limits; however the courts have now ruled that cities and counties may outlaw cultivation altogether. (Read more and see list of local SB 420 guidelines ). Individual patients may exceed the guidelines if they have a doctor's note saying they need more; in practice, however, police routinely ignore this exception and there has been much backlash over doctors issuing so-called "cultivation certificates" for up to 99 plants.

I really appreciate your review. I just received mine yesterday and the first thing I did was take it apart and inspect everything. I found a motor mounting screw laying in the bottom of the quad. All of the solder joints looked good. I screwed the motor mount back in and put it back together. Then I set it up and went through all of the calibrations. I then armed the motors and one of the front motors started to smoke badly. I don’t know if I want to send it back. It took a long time to get. Have you found any replacement motors?

Prevention: An Inside Job
Just because a boat looks clean, doesn't mean it's well-maintained. Time and again, we hear dealers tell of owners who were meticulous about washing and polishing their boats, but paid far less attention to the internal workings. Maintenance is not a task most of us enjoy, but a little bit of prevention goes a long way. To keep track of what needs doing and when, we suggest that you get with your local NMMA-certified dealer to create a checklist. Follow that list, and you'll greatly reduce the chances of ever being stranded on the water.

Test prop shut you down

test prop shut you down


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