Test prop only first cycle

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I am looking to make my own quad and i am comparing some motors. Your motortest help me a lot altough i think there is still missing some important information. Efficiency is also important for my build and you give also an efficiency rating. For example a cobra 2204-1960kv is more efficient than a cobra 2204-2300kv with the same prop and lipo, but the 1960kv gives less trust. For the same amount of trust for both motors, i need to take other props. So wich motor would be the most efficient if i would like to have the same amount of trust?

The relatively flat blades give good performance at those speeds, and excellent take-off performance, but I expected that they would run out of puff at higher speeds compared to the high-helix props like the Bollie and the Kool.  But testing shows this not to be the case, in that at the same manifold pressure settings, the Brolga performed at 86kts, within one knot of both the Warp and the Kool!  The pitch blocks only come in one degree steps.  16º is a bit too fine for cruise, giving WOT 6000rpm, but 17º is over-pitched for best take-off.  Since the Brolga is under-pitched, the rpm for the same manifold pressure setting is higher, but the speed was still the same......  I had expected that this large 4-blade prop would be best at take-off and noticeably slower at such speeds, but it seems not to be the case.......  At WOT it gave 100+ knots, same as all the others, which was really surprising!

Test prop only first cycle

test prop only first cycle


test prop only first cycletest prop only first cycletest prop only first cycletest prop only first cycletest prop only first cycle