Test prop only cycle

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Window Keywords & Functions WRSAFS Function Keywords for WinRunner WinRunner Function Window Click ,
CloseWindow ,
CompareStoredProperties ,
DoubleClick ,
GetWinInfo ,
InputCharacters ,
InputKeys ,
Maximize ,
Minimize ,
Restore ,
RightClick ,
SelectMenuID ,
SelectMenuItem ,
SelectMenuItemContains ,
SetPosition ,
VerifyImage ,
VerifyMainMenu ,
VerifyMenuID ,
VerifyMenuItem ,
VerifyMenuItemContains ,
VerifyOCRValue desktop_capture_bitmap - Captures a bitmap of the entire desktop or of the specified area of the desktop.
set_window - Specifies the window to receive input, according to the window's logical name.
set_window - Specifies a window to receive input, according to the window's physical description.
win_activate - Activates a window.
win_capture_bitmap_- Captures a window or a specified area of a window as a bitmap.
win_check_bitmap - Compares a current window bitmap to an expected bitmap.
win_check_gui - Compares current GUI data to expected GUI data.
win_check_info - Checks the requested window property.
win_check_text_- Checks the text of a window or area of a window compared to the specified expected text.
win_click_help - Clicks the help button in a window title bar.
win_click_on_text - Clicks on text in a window.
win_close - Closes a window.
win_drag - Drags an object from a source window.
win_drop - Drops an object on a target window.
win_exists - Checks whether a window is displayed.
win_find_text - Returns the location of a string in a window.
win_get_desc - Returns the physical description of a window.
win_get_info - Returns the value of a window property.
win_get_text - Reads text from a window.
win_highlight - Highlights a window.
win_max - Maximizes a window.
win_min - Minimizes a window to an icon.
win_mouse_click - Clicks in a window.
win_mouse_dbl_click - Double-clicks in a window.
win_mouse_drag - Drags the mouse in a window.
win_mouse_move - Moves the mouse in a window.
win_move - Moves a window to a new absolute location.
win_move_locator_text - Moves the mouse to a string in a window.
win_open - Opens a window.
win_resize - Resizes a window.
win_restore - Restores a window from a minimized or maximized state to its previous size.
win_type - Sends keyboard input to a window.
win_wait_bitmap - Waits for a window bitmap.
win_wait_info - Waits for the value of a window property.

Test prop only cycle

test prop only cycle


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