Test prop dosage eod

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As Testosterone Propionate is, of course, Testosterone, it suffers from moderate aromatization which results in the Estrogenic side effects of bloating, water retention, elevated blood pressure (as a result of the bloating), and risks of gynecomastia. This soft and puffy look that bloating brings to the physique is generally undesirable for most users that wish to engage in cutting cycles or lean mass cycles. Therefore, Testosterone Propionate must be utilized with an aromatase inhibitor in order to disable the aromatase enzyme and eliminate the water retention effect of the Estrogen conversion, which should result in a harder looking physique without the soft puffiness. In doing so, Testosterone can successfully be utilized as a ‘hardening’ and cutting compound, as well as for lean mass gains. Some individuals prefer the water retention, convinced that it aids in protecting tissues and connective tissue from the stressors of heavy strength gains and heavy lifting, and therefore Testosterone is preferred as a bulking and strength gaining compound in this case. In any case, Testosterone is also an excellent compound for all-out bulking and strength gaining cycles, which is what its main use seems to be among bodybuilders and athletes. It is a very versatile compound that can provide the anabolic strength necessary for bulking phases.

Test prop dosage eod

test prop dosage eod


test prop dosage eodtest prop dosage eodtest prop dosage eodtest prop dosage eodtest prop dosage eod