Safe testosterone cycle

Good question – I think I’m taking 150 every 3 weeks.  I will def ask about injecting myself – just concerned about the cost.  I initially started becuz of sexual issues…lower sex drive.  At one point I was going every 2 weeks and wanted to hump everything in site, and as a married man that wasn’t good, so I purposely scaled back to every 3 weeks.  That said, my overall concern is how long is it safe to say on this stuff.  I guess its safe until it’s not, but that’s just scary.  I’ve gone to 3 different urologists and they never have a straight answer.  I’ve now been off my shots for about 2 months….doing a little test drive to see how much of a difference it really is making…and I’m just now starting to feel a loss in strength and endurance in my workouts, BUT overall not too much else.  Anyway, that’s what prompted to me do a search for “possible” alternatives.
thanks for your advice – appreciate it.

So if I understand correctly you are saying that you did an Ostarine cycle, then didn’t do a PCT at all in any capacity, and then after 4 weeks of being off Ostarine you started up another cycle? To me it sounds like your issue is simply deriving from the fact that you started another cycle without getting your estrogen and testosterone levels back in check first (which would have been if you had done a proper PCT). Correct me if I am mistaken, this is just what I’m gathering based on the information you have provided. Essentially, when you finished your Ostarine cycle, you had elevated estrogen and lowered test, you didn’t do anything about it and forgo’d any PCT, then before you had recovered properly you started another cycle with an already out of whack hormone profile, further compounding your issue. The PCT product certainly is not what has caused your issue, that I can assure you.

Safe testosterone cycle

safe testosterone cycle


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