Propionate rich foods

Haha! I always make my own yogurt too, and I don’t use anything fancy like designated starters, or yogurt makers, or gas ovens! If you have a yogurt maker, that’s great too, because it might be a bit more convenient, but I”m posting this for anyone who likes the sound of making your own yogurt, but doesn’t feel like getting another appliance. I get an old spaghetti sauce jar (or any tempered glass jar, like a canning jar, will do), and pour milk into it so it’s almost full. Then I pour all of that milk into a pot, and bring it up to ALMOST boiling. Then I wait until it’s still hot, but I can leave my finger in for a few seconds. It usually takes about 20 minutes. I often watch a 22 minute sitcom as my “timer.” (If you want specific temperatures, there’d be info about that all over the web.) When it’s at that point, I add a couple of scoops of store-bought yogurt (or yogurt from my previous batch). Be sure it’s gelatin and whey-free, and that it contains the active bacteria. This is the starter. I pour it all back into that jar I used at the beginning, shake it up, wrap it in a towel to keep it warm, and leave it overnight. Some people put it in a cooler to keep the temperature stable, but a good towel should do the trick if your house isn’t too cold. Just make sure you don’t jostle it while the bacteria are trying to do their jobs. In the morning, you’ll have yogurt! It will be separated, and you can choose to pour the liquid whey off the top to make higher-protein greek-style yogurt, or you can stir it in for a more sour-tasting yogurt. Easy-peasy, low-tech, and kind of fun!

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Propionate rich foods

propionate rich foods


propionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foodspropionate rich foods