Propionate every 3 days

So, I have this awful cough that I get every year starting around September and not ending until the beginning to mid spring! I have tried allergy meds like Benadryl (mostly so I can actually sleep at night) and cough suppresants and all that BS, but none of it helps. It gets so bad sometimes I cough until I vomit. And I cough up a ton of mucus! I seriously sound like an 80 year old woman who has been smoking since she could walk! About 2 years ago I finally went to the doctor about it and they told me that I had Adult Croup. The dr prescribed robitussin, but that did not help at all! And I have had this cough every year since I was about 12 or 13 and I am 19 now. I do smoke, but I was also diagnosed with asthma when I was about 12 (and yes I know, I should not be smoking, it's disgusting, etc.) I have never really had the typical asthma symptoms though and I haven't used an inhaler since then, and I really didn't use it then either. But I can not go another winter feeling like this, but I don't have the insurance or the money to see a doctor and them not be able to treat me or help at all. I just want to know if this happens to anyone else and if you have had some kind of treatment? And if possible what I can get OTC for it?? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Any number of additive trials can be performed. Some additives have specific effects to watch out for – such as ribonucleotides (E627, E631, E635) which tend to cause rashes (“ribo rash”), or aspartame (E951) which tends to have MSG-like effects and cause depression. Additives not on the problem list are less likely to be problematic, however some other additives not in this list have been shown to have adverse effects on people. Splenda (sucralose, E955) can cause rashes especially in the chlorine sensitive, and sugar alcohols or polyols (E420, E421, E953, E965-E968, E1100) tend to cause digestive distress.

Propionate every 3 days

propionate every 3 days


propionate every 3 dayspropionate every 3 dayspropionate every 3 dayspropionate every 3 dayspropionate every 3 days