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The most recently syndicated Rocky and His Friends package retains the 15-minute format, consisting of 156 individual episodes, but like The Bullwinkle Show , the content differs from the versions syndicated in the 1960s. [25] The various supporting segments, including Fractured Fairy Tales (91), Peabody's Improbable History (91), and Aesop and Son (39) segments are syndicated as part of Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales , and 38 of the 39 Dudley Do-Right cartoons are syndicated as part of Dudley Do Right (sic) and Friends . Syndicated versions of the shows distributed outside of the United States and Canada combine the various segments under the package title Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends ; it is this version of the show that is represented on official DVD releases through DreamWorks Classics and the official online version sold at websites such as Amazon Video .

Susan, thanks for the fast reply and putting this link. You are so determined and dedicated to getting it “just right”. I don’t know if I could repaint that many times! I will have to access the hinges. I have a pie safe I painted over the hinges and it is holding up. Seems so much easier to paint with the doors hanging off something rather than putting them flat on saw horses. I too found (what I think) the perfect knobs. They are painted ladybugs for the 6 doors and I found some butterfly pulls at Hobby Lobby for the 3 drawers. The butterflies are white but I may paint them red to match the ladybugs. Plan on blue paint for the hutch as I have my grandmother’s blue willow to display. Making the back white so the dishes pop. I even have lights inside this hutch. Looking at your hutch just gives me so much inspiration and your details make it seem/look easy (I hate to paint). Love your blog!

By late Friday night, they had laid out what was essentially a new airplane. The new design (464-49) built upon the basic layout of the B-47 Stratojet with 35 degree swept wings , eight engines paired in four underwing pods , and bicycle landing gear with wingtip outrigger wheels. [42] A notable feature of the landing gear was the ability to pivot the main landing gear up to 20° from the aircraft centerline to increase safety during crosswind landings . [43] After a trip to a hobby shop for supplies, Schairer set to work building a model. The rest of the team focused on weight and performance data. Wells, who was also a skilled artist, completed the aircraft drawings. On Sunday, a stenographer was hired to type a clean copy of the proposal. On Monday, Schairer presented Colonel Warden with a neatly bound 33-page proposal and a 14-inch scale model. [41] The aircraft was projected to exceed all design specifications. [44]

Nap 50s

nap 50s


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