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Once the commandos finally got out of the tunnel, they both swam towards the broadside of Card which anchored near the opening of the sewer. As planned, Nao and Hung attached two bombs on the ship, with one near the bilge and one at the engine compartment, just above the water surface. After the bombs had been attached to Card ' s hull, Nao inspected both bombs to ensure they had been assembled properly. [11] After that Nao stuck the battery onto a pole and connected it to the bombs with wires, then set the timer. At , the bombs were completed and both commandos retreated back into the sewer tunnel, and climbed into their canoes on the other side and rowed back to Thu Thiem. Again, the police patrol boat was waiting for Nao and Hung to arrive, because the commander wanted another bribe. As Nao and Hung approached the patrol boat, an explosion was heard and a bright light could be seen in the commercial port area. The South Vietnamese police patrol boat than started its engine and raced towards Card , instead of extracting another bribe. [11]

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How to take tren bombs

how to take tren bombs


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